MORAG – 15 Signs we have Transitioned to the Fourth Realm – via Golden Age Of Gaia – 10-30-18

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By Morag, October 30, 2018,


We have entered a new paradigm, a new dimensional space.

The third dimension is fading as we try to fathom the fourth. We are now operating in the fourth dimension. The rainbow children, indigos and light workers have raised the vibrations beyond the 3d matrix. Phase 3 the fourth realm has been reached.

The collective consciousness has awakened. The hard, dense karmic armour cloaking us has been cracked open.

Ascension has begun. The event is happening.

We are experiencing frequency quakes, ripples of dimensional transition rewiring matrix algorithms. We are being guided through the fourth into the fifth, we are not alone.

How do we know we are transitioning from lower dimensions to higher realms? It’s all around us, the Shift in consciousness has turned the 3d matrix to sand, it runs through our fingers…

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