Goddess Hathor Manifestation Gateway Opens


hathor1As the helical rising of Venus as the New Archetype of the Divine Feminine coincides with the powerful 1-11:11:11 Portal of Manifestation,  Goddess Hathor opens the pathways to the New You birthing forth Now. Open your heart to her and let her envelope you in the healing Golden Light of her Sun Disk as she heals and clears away all reminants of discordant ancestral genetic lineage you have volunteered to be the  exit channel of transmutation.

She is planting the seeds of the New Feminine as a fire in your belly/ Solar. Nurture these seeds, and you nurture the establishment of the New Archetype of the Divine Feminine on Gaia. Call upon  her assistance    in bringing forth the New Life Force of Creation .

Devyani Singh ~Sa Kei Na

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