Be Vulnerable with the New Moon in Scorpio

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New moon in Scorpio: Face Your Fears About Intimacy

The moon will be new in the sign of Scorpio next Wednesday, November 7, at 10:02 am CST.

New moons are about new beginnings, and the sign of the new moon gives us a clue about the issues we’ll be dealing with for the next 28 days. Scorpio is an intense, deep, and mysterious sign that is linked to intimacy, sex, death, paranoia, and transformation.  Scorpio is a sign caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, the scorpion needs deep and intense emotional connections to feel safe and secure, but at the same time they feel terrified of these very same deep connections. Feeling threatened when someone gets too close, Scorpio unleashes it’s legendary sting. Issues around trust, intimacy, and power are pushed into the spotlight for all of us now.

In the introduction to the…

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