Blowing In The Wind: Practical Suggestions for Energy Shift between November 15-17, 2018.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

We will see 5 significant astrological shifts occur between November 15-17. This will bring some clarity to the nature of change and direction of growth Jupiter in Sagittarius brings for the year ahead.


Mars will shift into Pisces

The Mean Node will shift out of Leo/Aquarius and into Cancer/Capricorn.

The Moon will shift into Pisces

Venus Retrograde will end

Mercury Retrograde will begin, conjuncting the Great Attractor

* * *

General Suggestions:

Keep your eyes on the ball .

Karmic hooks can come up – stay clear unless you want to revisit their lessons.

People are more likely to be more grandiose about what they think and believe to be true. They may be more likely to try and project their vision of the way the world works onto everyone else.

Sift through the hype and don’t fall for the glitter.

Sometimes truth can be sparkly and pretty, but…

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A Brief Message to Lightworkers – November 14, 2018 – Caroline Oceana Ryan

Forever Unlimited

Greetings, Beautiful Light Being!

I’m happy to announce that the new book from the Collective:

Earth Life Challenges
The Collective Speak on Dealing with Trauma and Life Changes


Releases on Amazon
Tuesday, December 18
Huge thanks to all who continue to read and enjoy—and contribute their questions to—the Collective’s books.

Your support inspires me to keep going!
The Collective chose this subject because so many are highly challenged in life now, sometimes beyond what they feel they are able to carry. 

Our lives are shifting in very big ways, and the energies coming to the Earth and the integration they require can feel overwhelming.

When we think of what the Earth is going through—earthquakes, floods, the fires in California, political upheaval—we realize how vital it is to reach out for higher wisdom and support in these demanding, transformative times.
I hope you will get as much out of…

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Mars in Pisces 2018

The fiery red planet Mars exits Aquarius and enters Pisces on November 15th until December 31st of 2018. Throughout these several weeks, the passions are softened and suffused by aqueous nuances. The planet of masculine drive is not easily expressed in the sign of reflectiveness, dreams and sacrifice. Here, he does lend himself to philanthropic pursuits, usually gentle in his approach. Moods may be quite changeable and unexpected tears may flow especially during November.

Venus goes Direct in Libra and Mercury goes Retrograde in Sagittarius on the 16th (until December 6th), without much time in between to adjust to either of these not-so-subtle shifts. If there are things you feel sad, guilty or helpless about, the emotions surrounding these issues may become heightened and in need of outlets.

The Fisherman and the Siren by Frederic Leighton 1858

Mars in Pisces forms a square with Jupiter in Sagittarius on November 19th, which…

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The Configuration of Light Frequencies in Your Energy Field

The New Divine Humanity

Many of you have been aware of the changes in your Aura and Light Body that took place before and during the 11:11:11 ~ energetic Cosmic Hall of Mirrors Portal, Initiations.

Although incomprehensible to your mind, and in your ability to describe the experience, you were aware that your energy was being tangibly worked on and adjusted.

These changes, Initiations, and surreal experiences, as they are integrated, continue to shift your perceptions of your reality.

It isn’t that your external circumstances simply start to change, it is more that you step into an alternate version of yourself and reality. A Higher frequency Parallel World.

Sometimes this may appear seamless. At other times, major resets take place and  you become aware of a slippage of experience and time. This shows up as things suddenly appearing, things suddenly become changed.

As the comprehensive Light Frequencies continue to work on your energy field…

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PORTAL OF LIGHT – Archangel Oracle Divine Guidance


Portal Of Light, from the Isis Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Portal Of Light, from the Isis Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Portal Of Light: “She glides on Wings through Time and Space” 



“It is only this physical reality that is bound by time and space. You are being conscious on levels beyond the physical world. You are guided to work with your healing powers beyond the confines of time and space and to allow your sense of Self to expand. It is safe for you to do this now. You will not become ungrounded through such spiritual growth. You are not leaving your earthly awareness, you are instead adding to it.”

“You are growing in power and awareness. You have had breakthrough insights where you realize that you are not who you thought you were, you are in fact a…

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