The “Technique”

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When I first began meditating, I found myself reflecting on my research and studies, rather than being silent, mentally speaking. Which is not exactly the “goal” of meditation. However, I would, eventually, attain the state of “stillness” that was the intended goal by using this process, nonetheless.

Then, as time progressed, I found myself using this process as a “technique”.

When I would go into “reflection” upon my research and studies, while in this state.  I began realizing that the information would expand upon itself, on its “own”, rather seemingly. Much like “tapping” into the Akasha to retrieve more on the subject. I would just achieve a state of coherence, while in this state, in which the information flowed rather effortlessly and readily.

Many times, when I would receive some rather profound information, I would want to share this with my parents. However, much that I study and research, is…

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