Nature Walk: Green Cay Revisited

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DSCN6468 Wild Coffee, Green Cay Wetlands

Nature Walks: Green Cay Revisited

Well, today I made one of my first nature walks for a very long time.  Autumn has finally arrived in SE Florida and so have cooler early morning temperatures.  And the beginning of the snowbird stampede as “Season” creeps closer; the official start is November 1st, only days away.

There were plenty of birds, no gators, a couple of turtles, and a lot of people.  I prefer the summer lack of population, but these past summer temperatures often ranging in the low 90’s were too much for me, plus the humidity.  Let us just say I did a lot of swimming rather than walking.

Let the birds do the talking now:

DSCN6445 Tri-color Heron

DSCN6447 Female Anhinga

DSCN6449 Night Heron


DSCN6458 Very stern-looking Double Crested Cormorant

DSCN6462 An explosion of palms against a blue-bird Florida sky.


DSCN6473 Great Blue Heron munching down a small turtle!


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