Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles – It’s Ramping Up!

The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles


Energy Report ~ by Tiffany Stiles 

It’s Ramping Up!

Solar Activity~
2nd rotation around for these two massive coronal holes, in which during the last rotation they expelled a moderate CME! I’m going to say the same will likely happen this time around. These can kick up some craziness with those who are sensitive to energy, but are clueless as to what is occurring on a cosmic grander scale within their bodies. Unfortunately this is when mass shootings seem to escalate as people lose their sh**! This month has been a rash of reported mass shootings and pure craziness in the MSM News. As always, we are aware, but don’t lend our energy to this. We view in an unattached manner, and transmute. Period.

Photo Editor-20181029_123356New Moon in Scorpio~
We are in Scorpio season now with New Moon in Scorpio on November 7th. Going into the last Mercury Retrograde of the…

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