Intense Energies over the Next Week! & A Powerful Tool for Space Clearing

The Sky Priestess: Dr Bairavee

Oct 27, 2018: Mars (18 Aquarius) squares Persephone (18 Scorpio) and Atlantis (19 Scorpio).

This alignment tends to bring out past-life and other dynamics that center upon karmic entrapments, the loss of sovereignty, abuses of power and knowledge and devotion to false (i.e. misaligned and not-really-working-in-your-highest-or-deepest-good) powers.

Look back to October 18, 2018 when Mars also squared Atlantis and Persephone. This is a repeat on the same theme. Article:

Those who are not feeling the intensity of this – celebrate! – and those who do – practice a little extra self-care today.

In fact, you may want to keep at a more disciplined routine of self-care in general, given upcoming alignments. Especially over the next week!

And remember that this is Scorpio Season, with Jupiter, Uranus and the North & South Node, Venus Retrograde all about to change signs within the next few weeks! Not to mention the begin of…

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