Energy Update: Third Chakra/Personal Will Ego Processing Upgrades

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen

The Schumann/Gaia resonance is starting to spike up again after a few days of quiet (October 28th), which you can see on the far right in the graph below.


This energy surge I am feeling primarily located in the third chakra/solar plexus area for the last 24 hours or so. You may be feeling this as a gurgling in the belly, indigestion, nausea/diarrhea. Sensitivity to foods may be heightened and anything processed just not able to digested very well. The feeling is like it just isn’t the ‘right’ fuel, something you want to pay attention to as the Light Body is specific about what it needs and when.

This feels like an upgrade/activation of the personal will center, which usually connects to the 3D self structure. You could call this ‘ego’, yet please be loving if you think about it like that as most people judge ‘ego’…

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