Egyptian Women Influenced by #MeToo are Speaking Out against Harassment

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Egyptian Women Influenced by #MeToo Are Finally Speaking Out Against Harassment

They still fear legal consequences and backlash.

Leah Rodriguez, Global Citizen, Oct. 26, 2018

More Egyptian women are risking their safety to speak out publically against sexual harassment than ever before.

Women’s rights activists and lawyers in the country say they’ve been influenced by the US #MeToo movement — founded by civil rights activist Tarana Burke — and relaunched by Alyssa Milano, the Washington Post reports.

A year after #MeToo picked up steam in October 2017, the movement continues having an effect on women around the world. This month, women in India — where 1 in 3 women fears and expects sexual harassment — joined the global conversation and shared their stories about enduring inappropriate behavior and assault.

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