11:11:11 Portal + Venus New Cycle as Libra Meta Goddess


f88317c1f0b265ff2e5c048a293d6666--spiritual-life-spiritual-awakeningWe are approaching the  1:11:11-11:11:11 Gateway to our Divinity / Pillars to Heaven / Portal of Manifestation / Ascension Codes of Awakening and Mastery / Twin Flame Portal.

I’ve been seeing Deep brilliant Light Codes of various hues of Blue and Green streaming in ( lots of Pleiadean assistance). I was shown that The Deeper tones of Blue are the ones actually responsible for altering / upgrading our DNA. Only when trauma has been released, only then can the 12 DNA strand activate fully and we achieve crystalline status . Thats why many might be visiting by a fresh round of mucus offload, as mucus is the physical carrier to release densities, along with muscular aches and pains in preparation for the Triple 11!!DNA

No coincidence that Venus, representative of the Divine Feminine, is ALSO beginning her New Synodic Cycle on 1:11:11 as the Libra MetaGoddess for the First time…

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Author: dreamweaver333

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