Skeletons that haunt


This has been a hard week, for me. It all started last week Friday, I had a kinesologist session, I was feeling fine.

Then came Saturday, the Kinesologist, then did a reset for me, as I sent her healing and protection, as she was doing a Holistic fair, she was then linked to me. By Sunday, I felt terrible, as if, I was hit by a Truck and was emotionally angry, irritated, and somewhat drunk, without having had a sip of wine, either Saturday or Sunday. By Monday, I was a wreck of emotions, fiery, unpleasant, then I realized, ok, she worked on me, I sent her healing, she did healing on me and did not break the link, so I felt her the last 2 days. Since I am a Reiki master, my energy, would then naturally balance out hers, and I would get the whiplash, which is exactly…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.