RICK BUSBY – If Peace Is Going to Be, Neutrality Is Key – 10-4-18

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It is not possible to cultivate a consciousness of peace without actively maintaining a predisposition to neutrality in the activity of our thoughts and feelings. This does not just apply to some of our thoughts and feelings. It applies universally to all of our thoughts and feelings. Unity’s third principle reflects this truth. We are literally creating, and co-creating, our experience by the thoughts and feelings we allow to dominate in our consciousness. If peace is going to be in our experience, neutrality is the key.

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The key to cultivating a predisposition to neutrality is to first understand that the energy of neutrality is not passive. On the contrary, neutrality is a quite active creative power, especially where your personal peace is concerned. As Dr. David Hawkins maintains in his work, the energy of neutrality is the…

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