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Courtesy of Evenstar Creations
Dear Radiant One, friend and co-creator,
may you be blessed with the connection to the Source within you,
to your peace, love and joy as you shine your light so bright.IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE READING THIS PLEASE SEE HERE        Happy Taurus Full Moon just what we need and a time to connect in more fully to the New Earth Grid, that I have written more on below and in Cosmic Events about the Full Moon and the doorway its giving us..At last a break through from the incredible strong energies literally forcing us to go within be still. I don’t know about you but for myself I was literally not even able to move much at times over the last weeks especially since the amazing Equinox Stargate and before that the Eclipse doorway.

I have found it difficult to do much at all and only now in the last few days my energy has started to pick up.

We have been going through an initiation of one degree or another, whatever we can handle.
Diving so deep and unpeeling lots more of the Onion.
We are out the other side now with a lot more clarity and ‘joining the dots’
in our own experience and also the bigger picture.
For myself and I know some others this initiation started at Christ-mas 2017 and I don’t envision it completing until this Christ –mas to come.

This initiation if it’s a big one that really brings in major transformation; you would have had a choice of whether to stay here or go, dying if you chose to leave, so much Lighter by staying. I know I had my choice back in April and that this year I have taken a lot of time out to really Love myself clear for what is to come next year and onwards as the mission has changed, the contracts gone and a whole new experience awaits.
This year for me anyway has been a great year of self-love and nurturing and going deeper than ever before into my/our body, the sacred landscape within us, as well as our Earth.

We are also joining the dots in a bigger picture and the beautiful energies of Shambala that oversees us on this mission and what some would call the Holy Grail, the search so many have had for their own Soul Source Self of pure love is making a connection so huge
to assist everyone on Earth in the coming year and onwards.
That’s why it’s so important this year to really take time out for yourself to heal, unify and simply BE to allow the integration of all the incredible new light codes that come from within,
that we can now access through the DNA.

As you know we are birthing ourselves what many say is our Crystalline Body, I feel it’s in Liquid Light Plasma. Just as the New Earth Grid takes us in this fluid state to where we need to Be. As we are birthing out of the Cosmic Egg of Creation. I have some update information on those below.

Also in this newsletter links to assist in your journey and a new service I have been triggered to offer using my Mandalas and Activation Art. Portals that take you deeper into yourself and open doorways in conjunction with my Evenstar, Earth Star and Star Light Essences which I get no end of positive feedback about.

Thank you for the Planetary Link Ups since August 2017 to the Equinox 2018 we have achieved so much by our conscious linking in the One Heart and on the particular focus of each link up.
It feels complete for now as we are the One Heart, we don’t have to link-up, we are linked always as we know, but it’s awakened in our DNA cellular memory, expanded, aligned, at peace.
We are now able to go deeper into our cellular and Multi-D selves to love and transmute any imbalances still held in the illusion, the matrix, the synthetic universe so we can fully Be our Multi-Dimensional selves as they all merge though our clear physical body.
The initiation is in the physical body, as it is embraced from the radiance of our own Soul Source Self, we are our Body of Light right here, right now.
We create the higher dimensional – New Earth from our higher dimensional selves right through our physical bodies and physical Earth as we all open to our true divine selves. It’s now happening more fully than ever before in our physical body as I know you feel it. With all sorts of symptoms; rest, water and nature being the best things we can do for ourselves to assist the process of transfiguring.
Happy Birthing,
may it be in Divine Light and pure Love, joy and flow, ease, grace and from the Peace within.
Thank you so much for all that you do and are, as we are all opening so beautifully to our Soul Source Self in the One Heart.

Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.