Full Moon in Taurus ♉ #New is Here #Pleiadian Gateways #Feminine and Masculine in Collaboration



Moon goes Full in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus who is in retrograde in Scorpio. Sun has entered Scorpio.

No matter what things look like outwardly , the underlying currents of Shadow of the Scorpio are hard to miss particularly as Moon goes on Full Display. Yes, the ugly head of revenge, of jealousy , of outing the others dark personas ( our own perception of it) , of gaslighting ,of overindulgence in the material and sexual context and diving headlong into new romance ( Not the time!!!) …. it’s right below the surface,simmering and bubbling …hoping you will unleash the Dark/ Shadow side…the Scorpion Sting !!!! Keep your Actions and Reactions In Check.

Energetically the Solar Flares a few days back had us super energetic ( read no Sleep at night) , creativity Flowing in top gear and a sense of optimism and being upbeat about the unfolding…

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