A Leap In The Dark: Cat’s Angel Message for October 24, 2018

The Desert Path

daily Angel Message smsA Leap In The Dark: Cat’s Angel Message for October 24, 2018 

October’s Theme: Divine guidance and messages. Thoughts, ideas, insights, or even warnings. These messages are important for us personally, emotionally and spiritually so work on staying open to the information that you receive.

We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal,and then leap in the dark to our success.– Henry David Thoreau

1024:  Everyday, whether we realize it or not, we are surrounded with love and protection from the Sacred Source. Our divine helpers are also near and ready to help. Over the last few days we have been working on our personal evolution which requires faith and courage. Both are important. Through faith we draw upon  our inner courage. And that courage comes from embracing and acknowledging your own divine power (our spark). If things feel a bit off kilter today, take a moment…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.