Pilgrimage of heart- moment of truth

Diary of a MYSTIC

Pilgrimage of Heart/ moment of truth

To experience our divinity, no border, perception, need, desire could exist between In & Out. Any situation we are experiencing at this stage of ascension is the clear mirror of what life is. We no longer could see ourselves as Human body and story and expect to experience wholeness and oneness.

Having said the above, I have to admit the last week and so, I have been feeling I am back in the pressure cooker and a lot of low frequency thoughts and emotions are surfacing. At the same time, so much heat and higher waves are landing in the body, constant sweat, rise of a new frequency from root chakra up the Kundalini, a lot of wave patterns in skull and spine. Feeling tired and dizzy, alone, like being the Universe and Alone, if it makes sense.
As I am going through them…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.