Selacia: Secrets in Your DNA – Empowerment through Self-Understanding

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Secrets in Your DNA – Empowerment through Self-Understanding

We live in times when the elite are at the helm of power structures and the ordinary person can feel left out or disregarded. Sometimes a person may start to doubt that he or she can make a difference in the future course of our world. Likewise, a person may be conditioned by self-doubt, not trusting in his or her abilities to achieve meaningful things on a personal scale. The result may be apathy, lack of motivation, or perhaps self-sabotage when pursuing a goal – the person then falling short of their soul’s potential. This does not have to happen. This is not how we are naturally wired as divine changemakers! Continue reading to understand the connection between DNA, empowerment, and expression of soul purpose.


We as divine changemakers were born encoded…

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