Tania Gabrielle: [Star Code Forecast] Watch your Destiny unfold now

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[Star Code Forecast] Watch your Destiny unfold now

Friday, October 19 is an exciting day! (October 20 if you’re in Australia/Asia)

Two Mercury magnifications light up your ability to see beyond time – to get clarity on your Direction and Destiny.

  • Mercury at 14° is trine to Neptune at 14°.
  • Mercury at 14° is square to Mars at 14°.

Having all planets at 14° at once is extraordinary in itself…

14 governs the art of communication – sharing a message with others in a big way.


I refer to 14 as the “Media” number. The ancients aligned the number 14 with the Scribe.

MERCURY, the Messenger, is ALSO about communication.

So on ALL fronts, your MIND is lit up!

14 also governs liberty, freedom, risk and flexibility.

Mercury wants you to be mindful and think in broad strokes – explore, and make quick decisions.

So, the numerology and…

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