Message #30 The time of forgiveness ~ October 18, 2018

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Editor’s Note: This is a message from Sophia Love as she empathically communicates with Pleiadians. Sophia’s message today has triggered another channeling, from myself,  which is listed below.

Along with this channeling, I must admit to the intuitive sense that our existence is due to change very, very soon. What does this mean for me? I will continue to “chop wood, carry water” with my daily activities while continuing to open my heart to whatever. It cannot be any other way for me. Please read, and…



Hello! All of humanity is on the verge of re-discovering “who you are”. Massive change is swiftly approaching and you should have no fear for your circumstances as change is created with love for you and your awareness. Each member of humanity is primed to regain your true BEing! The truth of your wonderful gift of your earthly existence is about to…

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