Anahata ~ Where Does the Heart Chakra Lead?

Monika Carless Author *Intuitive Coach

The heart is an energetic center, a guide…like a sage you meet on the mountaintop who takes your hand and brings you to the edge of a deep, dark forest and asks you to decipher what is unseen and mysterious in the landscape before you, offering no clues, but urging you to feel your way through.

“You will see better with your eyes closed, anyway,” the sage says.

In Sanskrit, the Heart Chakra is named ‘Anahata‘, meaning ‘unhurt’. It is cradled between our Power Chakra, ‘Manipura‘, just below it, and the throat chakra, ‘Vishuddha‘, just above it. The heart is all about our connections with others. The challenge is to keep it wide open, to dream big, to nurture joy. It asks that despite feelings of rawness, we remain tender and willing to receive and offer ourselves to the world.

When I need…

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