Remembrance – Part 10, “In a Pool of Golden Light”

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Remembrance – Part 10

Note to Readers:  This story is from the time I, Sundeelia, was a Sirian.  The young man who figures as the main character of the story was my eldest son, Aman Gia, a priest.  For those who have not yet read the beginning of this story, please see the page “Remembrance” with links to all ten related articles:

“In a Pool of Golden Light” by Cmdr. Sundeelia VaCoupe

The young man was sunk deep into a meditative state.  He was sitting on the floor with his legs crossed.  A shaft of light illuminated his pale features in golden light.  He was dressed in a simple short woven brown robe, with loose white trousers, a white loose shirt beneath his open robe. Head bent in thought, one gold earring glinted from his left ear, peeking from beneath his white blonde shoulder-length hair.  His long slender…

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