Energy Update ~ Venus Healing and Transformation ~ October 12, 2018

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By Meg

We are experiencing a global rebalancing as Venus travels retrograde through Scorpio into Libra, culminating on November 16th at 25° Libra. Venus is holding us captive, triggering hidden karmic lessons and buried trauma to be released. It is a powerful time for Venus healing and transformation. On October 24th the Full Moon arrives at 1º Taurus, also ruled by Venus. The divine feminine is rising in the collective, offering a soothing balm of compassion and safe haven to heal and mend.

The Nodal Axis in Leo-Aquarius is forming a tight T-square with the Sun and Venus in Scorpio, and the Moon and Uranus in Taurus. For the past 2 years the Lunar Nodes in Leo-Aquarius have been highlighting power abuse issues at the personal level as well as in society at large. This is karmic reckoning of the Patriarchal system leading up to the 2020 astrology in Capricorn.

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