More Angelic Guidance Has Arrived

New Beginnings Guatemala

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
just three days ago we have collectively experienced a New Moon in the stellar sign of the Libra. I was just about finished with sharing the last angel guidance post with you guys, when a true bombardment of more
Angelic Numbers Sequences has arrived. This time it is a combination of numbers particularly relate to another and powerfully interacting with another. I hope you enjoy the wonderful picture they are painting for our collective awakening into the Golden Age of Aquarius, and find the directions you seek. 

Angel Number 1111:
This number is basically an alarm clock we have collectively set before we descended into the denser realms of matter. An alarm clock that is supposed to remind us of our role and responsibilities in the collective human awakening process. A collective “Wake-Up” call to put more attention into the moment and higher awareness…

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