Tania Gabrielle: Magic and Mystery of Mercury in Scorpio

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Magic and Mystery of Mercury in Scorpio

Just hours after the gorgeous Libra New Moon, MERCURY the Messenger enters Scorpio.

Then 4 hours later, the MOON follows Mercury into Scorpio!

  • Mercury joins two planets already in Scorpio: Venus and Jupiter.
  • Venus is in retrograde in Scorpio, deepening the experience.
  • Jupiter is moving out of Scorpio in a month (after a year) and into its own home sign of Sagittarius, so Jupiter’s impact is magnified in the final degrees of Scorpio.


So Scorpio is the sign of the moment right now!

Mercury in Scorpio deepens your thoughts and all conversations.

No matter what the topic, you will delve into the HEART of the matter! Scorpio goes straight to the truth.

The deepest waters hold the origin of all life… and it is dark there… not much if any sunlight reaches these realms.

In the same way, you are now able to…

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