SANDRA WALTER – Embodiment Part Three – Effects and DNA – 10-9-18

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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Infinite gratitude to all who connected with us during the global mass meditations last SUNday!

Gatekeepers focused on the crystalline DNA distribution and rainbow bridges to New Earth. After some afternoon gridding on the mountain, it was time for our final meditation. During the 5:11pm connection, a beautiful rainbow bridge appeared up top on Mount Shasta and stayed there for 2 hours. The energies were powerful and flashes through the Solar gates occurred (you may have seen or felt this during the meditation). Rainbow blessings to our dear SUNday Unity Meditators for holding this space for global peace and Ascension every week.

Preparation for our October Trajectory

The latest energetic shift is a strong one. The drop-off of energetic support for negative realities at the end of September opens us to the higher frequency force of the Christed timelines, New Earth and…

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