Difference between Shamans, Healers, Witches & Lightworkers

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Today’s post is on the difference between Shamans, Healers, Witches & Lightworkers!!!

What do all these terms mean? What is the difference between them?

This is what I found & what I resonate with the most, but some will disagree & some will say that one is better than the other!


I want to address this one first because I think it covers all the other terms used in this post (shaman, healer & lightworker) let me explain.

Firstly, the word Witch is often used or viewed by many people as a bad evil woman, who worships the devil and sacrifices in exchange for what she wants. But if you look at the history of where the word stem from, you will find out that the words witch & witchcraft was used to describe women who refused to confirm patriarchal rules. These women were outside of the societal status…

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