Corey Goode FB post 10-7-18… “Cosmic energies are increasing day by day… This is the time of the great revealing… Nothing will remain hidden”

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Noticed this recent FB update from Corey, with an attached video. It is aligning with all the energetic work many of us have been doing, and of course, it aligns with an increase in incoming “Cosmic Energies”. I have personally viewed some energetic (and 3D) “freak outs” in my own arena, as well.

I’ve not yet watched the video (it’s about one hour long).

“I was told the transition would be known as we started having much more energetic storms/hurricanes, EQ’s, volcanoes going off in clusters… It appears that the cosmic energies are increasing day by day. I know I can feel them as well as see how they are affecting society.

“…science is detecting an increase in cosmic rays as well. This will contribute to EQ’s, vulcanism and highly energetic storms well into the future. It is just a part of the Earths, and our, 4th Density shift.


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