False Flags, Timeline Linking. 10/7 ~ October 7, 2018

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Aluna, who receives information clairvoyantly from the 9th Dimension, shares her thoughts with us. The most important focus is to stay in love and have no fear! Aluna’s message closely mirrors the message from Alexander of Indigo Light (https://roserambles.org/2018/10/07/the-next-30-days-are-the-most-powerful-yet-october-7-2018/).

The main message here…stay true to yourself, be aware of your ego fighting for it’s life, be love, stay out of fear, and get ready to…



Important Dates:

Oct: 11th 22nd 23rd

Nov: 11th 13th 16th 22nd

I will share more detail on all events & false flags on the channel if that what people are comfortable with, if not, Ill share on the private Discord server for those who want to know & arent feeding into the matrix programs & illusions of fear. Ill reshare the discord server if people are fearful to hear this stuff on the channel. Theres nothing to fear, im sharing because…

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