Dark Moon of The Dark Goddess New Moon of 9 Nights of The Goddess



We are in the Dark Moon phase and the energies of the Dark Goddess are palpable and enticingly strong…

Can you feel the pull towards the forbidden fruit…. the pull towards the exhilarating, pulsating with unbridled ecstacy and freedom…as it beckons you with open arms….especially in connection with love, lovers, relationships, career, money…the+dark+goddess

Tread with Caution…the unmanifest..the Dark Goddess Element is Strong…and it is not a force easily subdued or manuvered once it gets a hold of you…. she carries with her the rising force of a Volcano ready to erupt into Freedom out off old constraints and the lure of new vistas and terrains…into exciting new discoveries and experiences.

Very alluring …and also very very Karmic. Steer clear of old patterns /relationships especially those of sexual intent. For in the shadows of this Dark Moon you are shown only part of the picture..the enticing part…and you may not notice…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.