Authenticity – 04-Oct-2018 by Kara Schallock | Soulstice Rising

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Authenticity – 04-Oct-2018
by Kara Schallock | Soulstice Rising

You are perfect just as you are; where you are. Anything less than this is a lie; a lie you have kept. Anything that is not Love is not who you are. This includes all the illusions you have held onto; things that you adopted that said you weren’t a perfect expression of God. It doesn’t matter where these falsehoods came from or from whom; embrace the Truth that you are perfect and Divine expressing Source. This is what you’ve come to learn and why you have incarnated onto Earth. Earth has proven to be a wealth of forgetting and then remembering. It has been a playground of Joy and of lessons. You have come here to remember who you are and this can only happen when you truly know your essence. You have come to Earth to ascend many times…

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