Moving From Being Alone To All-One

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Raphael Awen

When we feel ‘alone’, we are literally feeling ‘all-one’.

There is the lack of an other to feel what we are feeling. There is no relationship ‘to and from’ happening.

This explains while many often feel alone even while in relationship with others. The others have all co-created a one mind agreement to conform to, where the benefits of belonging are extended based on ones’ subtle (or not so subtle) compliance. It’s really hard not to do this, given our need for community. None of us can survive without some aspects of community.

When we show up for ourselves, we are literally becoming the missing other to our-selves (plural). The missing other who does the showing up is you intentionalizing and embodying your Higher Self into awareness, presence and being. This changes everything.

Now, your relationships with others no longer mirrors this missing other; the fusion…

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