The New Earth Blog ~ Living in the New Energy ~ October 1, 2018

Rose Rambles...

By Rosalie DeGregory

Those who have the ability to assess and predict energies have called the energies over the past month or so, “The Event”.  The Shift.  The Big One.  The event we have been waiting for.  No, it wasn’t one event, nor series of events, but another uptick of energetic frequencies on the plant.  Those energies have caused us all to Ascend a little more—one major step up in the frequencies of each of our mind/body/spirit complexes, following seventeen years of more minor energetic hits.

With lessons still to learn,

we are rock solidly in the New Earth energy.

And now is the time that it falls on us to manifest

the fifth dimensional society that we choose.

This is an exciting time!

People report the usual range of responses to the new vibration, from nothing, to aches and pains, to having their emotional issues rise and release, perhaps…

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