Selacia: Optimizing October Energies – Your Guide to the Month

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Selacia Article & Info on Oct 6 New Moon Meditation

Your Guide to the Month

by Selacia        


October is one of those months you will look back on years from now, remembering key societal markers involving revolutionary change. Notable developments include an unprecedented unmasking of the patriarchy and the light shining in a very public way on deep wounds felt by both the oppressed and oppressors. Imbalances of all sorts will take center stage, a spiritual cleansing taking place. You are part of society, of course, so be prepared to look inward for your own balancing. Continue reading to better understand what this means and your role.


The shadow of humanity is coming up for healing in a big way. This is a needed element in shifting our planet into one of love. We can’t move forward without seeing…

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