INNER WORK – Reconnecting with the Soul’s Purpose – via Good Therapy – 10-1-18

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We all have many wounds. Broken hearts, shattered dreams, abuse, and trauma all leave battle scars that may not be outwardly apparent to others, but can cause a lifetime or even generations of experiencing the same issues, as patterns are often repeated and handed down as part of the family legacy.

The pain sustained throughout the years frequently leads us to develop defensive shields that serve to protect our vulnerable hearts from being wounded once again. And yet, this outer armor ends up not only closing us off from others, but also ultimately from the beauty and wonder of our own souls.

As a psychotherapist working from a depth perspective, I have been fascinated and privileged to have been able to witness the soul at work every day in my interactions with clients, as well as out in the world. The soul always strives to attain…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.