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Melanie Beckler

Integrating and Embodying Ascension Light

Integrate and embody ascension light... Click to learn a simple process for receiving and integrating higher levels of light and ascension energy now. A new stream of ascension energy and Divine light frequency is here!

With new and higher levels of light emerging from within the Earth, broadcast through the Great Central Sun, and opening within you!

This means there’s an opportunity…

To activate your light body in a new way and align with the highest possibilities for your life in the physical now…

Are you ready to open and integrate new levels of your Divine Light codes?

This serves to activate your highest embodiment within your physical being, and reconnects you with your innate gifts, soul passions, and really, with your most radiant life!

So… To receive the light upgrades…

To experience the activations, and to truly use this energy surge to increase your radiance…

Create an opening for higher light in your life … By making time to enter inward!


Process for Receiving…

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