Kp Message 9-28-18… “There Comes a ‘Point in Time'”

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There comes a point in time, for each and every one, to stand up, within themselves, for the mission (or missions) that is theirs.

There may be many of these “Points in Time” as we travel along our chosen paths, but they are clear, and they are “pointed”. As I’ve traveled my own path, I am more and more awake and aware of these “Points in Time”.

Whether this means “doing” or “BEing” or changing paths or traveling or expressing, in one way or another, these individual “Points in Time” can only be addressed by each being, in their own way.

Speaking for myself, there are no other ones who can convince me, or persuade me, or force me to do anything my path asks of me. The choice is mine. Fully, completely, 100% mine.

I do not really care why I have the path I have, or where…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.