Full Moon in Aries, September 24, 2018

Libra Seeking Balance

We get a much needed infusion of fiery energy on this Full Moon at 02° 00′ Aries, 24 September 2018, 07:53 PDT. Since we won’t have full time planets in fire until first Mercury, then Jupiter, enter Sagittarius the first week of November, this dose of Aries fire is very welcome. Aries’s ruler, Mars, is quite active during this lunation but in cool, airy Aquarius any battles will likely be fought with words rather than fists. Having Chiron conjunct the Aries Moon can cause some to doubt whether they have what it takes to lead effectively too.

Saturn in Capricorn is hard at work making sure we follow the rules via a T-Square to the Aries Moon-Chiron conjunction and Libra Sun-Mercury conjunction. Not only that but the Sun-Mercury conjunction is part of a dissonant trapezoid pattern with Uranus in Taurus inconjunct the Libra Sun-Mercury as the base and Mars in…

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