Equinox & Merging in Soveriginity

New Earth Unity Foundation


As Collective Consciousness we are at entry point of another major StarGate Mission and Creation. The Equinox is bringing a deep opening to power of ascending and merge of Sovereign Beings, the assigned starseeds whom their mission is to assist to empower the crystalline heart of One and Vision of New Earth Unity either already relocated or in process of relocation in the coming 12 months. The September month so far has been more focus on ending of all Human Stories and undetected programs. Also a break and rest time from the Roller Coaster of August. The last couple of weeks, a lot of reboot took place on memories of Blue Ray Sirian which had access to Divine Mind and ability to Download the Templates and relevant new activation codes due to a major Galactic storm of a dark Worm hole…

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Author: dreamweaver333

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