A Less-Mentioned (but Huge) “Ism.”

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Jeff Japp, in his Stuff Jeff Reads blog, muses about another of the super-insidious yet not as often mentioned “isms” ingrained and “toxic-normalized” into our culture, alongside racism and sexism/misogyny, linking what we see now with what Shakespeare wrote about in King Lear.

Jeff writes,

“This is still a part of our society. We all like to think we hold reverence for the elderly, but the fact is that neglect and abuse of the old is rampant. In addition, there is the subtle and insidious elder abuse which manifests as ageism in the workplace. Older workers are routinely passed over in favor of younger candidates, which only adds to the feelings of uselessness and despair that sadly accompany aging all too often.” (full post: link below)

True enough.

Beautiful, powerful, Wise elder woman. PD photo from Yogendra Singh, Pexels.

These kinds of “isms,” issues, and insights…

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