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Rainbow Wave of Light

Mohave Sunrise Delight

God said:

Beloved, I am a God of the people. I am here for you at your desire, yet not for your desire to rub off some kind of specialness on you, but to share My Self like the Sun to the world.

I speak now about Godwriting. It is clear now that we meet for Oneness and not for any fame or fortune, but to give. This isn’t at all like being in a fraternity together. Of course, We don’t punch Our fists together like eager sports figures exchanging high-fives of admiration of one kind or another. We are energized. We are glad and grateful, yet We are not so much hail fellows well-met. We are simply together as One.

Yes, you gain, yet you take what you gain on behalf of goodness for all. You are not propelled onto the stage like some kind of new rock star…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.