How to Stop Emotionally Reacting and Start Consciously Responding

Openhearted Rebellion

polarityBy Tamara Rant, Conscious Life News

As human beings, whether we know it or not we all act as mirrors for one another; reflecting back and forth perceptions and beliefs that may or may not even be true. Jumping to conclusions about someone or some situation can often get us quite emotionally charged if our feelings are involved. And in most relationships, the state of mutual emotion pretty much sets the stage for the quality and duration of that relationship.

If things are “off” in a relationship, you feel it. You many fight the knowing, choose to deny or even be quite aware of it and choose to settle for or ignore it. But for anything to strive, relationships included, there needs to be balance. We live in a world of polarity with opposites like up and down, hot and cold, etc. and as this is demonstrated in Nature, our…

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