SOUL SISTER TRUTH – 11 Signs Your Soul Is Fully Evolved and Healed – 8-30-18

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When someone is wholly and fully evolved they are then ready to help others achieve the same. They heal from experience because they have healed themselves. We have experience you cannot go to college to learn only by living it. It doesn’t matter how many degrees you have. If you haven’t experienced it you can’t have the level of compassion and experience that is needed to help and teach someone heal themselves. College degrees and medications are the 3D way of healing a broken person, which we all know doesn’t work. Love, compassion, and experience are the 5D way to heal, which leads to a completely healed person. When you are fully evolved you are then ready to be a 5D healer and teacher. There are certain characteristics of a fully evolved mature soul. Here are 11 that may resonate with you.

We do not judge others and…

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