QUENTIAL – Salute Anyone and Everyone with the Honor of a Smile into their Eyes – 9-13-18

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For in reality there is no separateness, you are of one mind of the ONE. In likened to that which is a brain cell all working together to create the mind, for the whole Galaxy is one mind of consciousness looking upon itself. And every cord and every fibre of light conscious spark is really a reflection of the same or the opposite of the oneness that your are. Therefore, upon your connecting with people, animals and all lifeforms, light leaves the iris or the eye and transmits coherency of consciousness so each and everything that you see is really one unit of presence.

You are being conditioned for momentary separation in this dimension to believe and experience the concept of separation, that you are separate and need to compete in wars and hostilities to other lifeforms, so that somehow you can be protected and get the advantage. 

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.