Synchronicity: Meaning and Quantum Origins

Deus Nexus| by Tom Montalk


Let’s talk about synchronicities, why they happen, and what they mean.

A synchronicity, or synch for short, is a strange coincidence that you’re meant to notice. Carl Jung defined them as meaningful coincidences, as two or more events that are physically unrelated yet somehow connected in a spooky or metaphysical way. I prefer to think of them in a more general way as meaningful improbabilities. So they’re not just random coincidences or products of confirmation bias, but genuine anomalies in experience that grab your attention.

Now, synchs are really important; they’re personal proof that reality is sometimes malleable, sometime unstable, sometimes responsive to consciousness. Einstein was right when he said reality is illusion, albeit a persistent one. Synchs prove that this world behaves more like a collective dream or a Matrix simulation than an independent physical construct.

The idea that physical reality is…

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