SANDRA WALTER – Closure and Creation – Launching the New – 9-7-18

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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

I AM filled with Heart-radiating gratitude as I celebrate my In- Carnate Anniversary (bEARTHday) this week.

After a brief visit to Sedona to clear the wildfire effects from my lungs and psyche, I AM feeling my embodiment stronger than ever. The car crash injuries (finally) loosen their grip on the physical, my DNA is reflecting my Higher Self, and I AM excited to create the New.

Yet another wildfire ignited this week, just a few miles from town. Smoke is thicker than ever, the skies are brown, the SUN blocked out again. The consistent be-ready-to-evacuate vibe is exhausting. Please pray rain for California and the Northwest. Be wise about your travels; I cannot recommend visiting Mount Shasta until these fires are complete.

The completion vibe is a perfect moment for launching the New.

So much is shifting this year, and…

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