Life Is But a Dream! (Are You Awake?)

Divinity In Us Blog - by Gabriel F. Duran

The level of consciousness that we have achieved has surpassed many of our Steller families’ expectations. The process of integration has been successful in untold ways. So, now we begin another process of “experience” through this newly expanded awareness. And this expansion of consciousness brings together aspects of our reality that we have traditionally kept segregated.

As typically we have been taught to dismiss our sojourns at night, as merely recuperative periods of rest for the mind and the body. And, as a result of this mind-set, or view. We “tune-out” our conscious aspects of self that we utilize throughout the day. Thus, we “go to sleep”.

However, this has changed, rather significantly, now. For those that are desirous of achieving a meld with the Higher Self and the many other aspects of our own multidimensional Self. The ability to “bring down the walls” of conscious segregation that typically take…

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