Drum Roll as Venus/ Inanna Reaches her Zenith


vierge-botticelli-jean-joubert-L-1Venus / Inanna reaches the Final rung of her 19 month journey ,as the Aries Warrior Goddess Archetype, as she reaches the seventh Gate of Authority at Crown Chakra.

She Now regains her Royal Crown symbolizing her reconnection to her Divine self, her Goddess Light . She Now reigns as Goddess of Heaven and Earth for a month before she goes retrograde to start a whole new cycle in November.

It’s a time of Celebration and Drum Roll as The Crowned Aries Warrior Queen finally reaches her Divine Destination.

As Warrior Goddess she led the Divine Feminine to put on the mantle of Courage and Stand Up for what is Right and Just , individually and as a  collective ( #metoo). And Now as she connects with her Divine Light at Crown Chakra She guides us into  Sovreign and Independent Keepers of the Divine Feminine Light to banish the very…

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Author: dreamweaver333

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