Causation of Dis-ease

Heal YourSelf by Nourishing Your Mind, Body & Spirit

In the past few years, science has begun to recognize the powerful connection between mind-body connection, and how that directly affects our health both physically and mentally. Research found that emotions and thought patterns contribute to imbalances within the body and thus therapies such as hypnosis, visual imagery, meditation, yoga and biofeedback are used instead of prescription drugs to balance and promote the patient’s health.

You might have come across this, if you read Louise Hay book ‘You can Heal Yourself’ where she talks more about it in details and explains how it works. I think it’s a great book for anyone on the path of healing or just generally wanting to understand more about disease especially those that are unexplained by doctors.

You can also research mind-body connection in relation to disease. There are plenty of free resources online and people sharing their own experiences. But all together, the…

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