New Moon in Virgo, September 9th-10th 2018 ~ Cosmic Cleansing ~ September 10, 2018

Rose Rambles...

By Natalia Alba

Beloved Light Emissaries,

As you know, during this summer we have been immersed in a very intense galactic wave in which we were constantly integrating without a pause to fully rest and nourish ourselves. September brings soothing energies and the opportunity for us to delight all the magic and miracles that this fiery phase has left us. This is also a good period for us to focus on the many changes our lightbody is experiencing as a result of the galactic activations that many of us have had and take care of our bodies, detoxifying and nurturing them, for they will show us where old energy is still impeding the natural flow of this new light. 

We begin this new energetic month of September with an earthly and magical New Moon at 17 degrees Virgo, as a cosmic reminder of how important it is for us to…

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